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Coporate P & G
Procter&Gamble Corporate Breakfast Attendees 2009

“I feel the ISLP delegation on engineering broadened my horizons on a professional and personal level. This experience provided me with memories that I will be able to think back on for as long as I have a healthy mind! My wish is that more students may have the opportunity to experience such a wonderful time as I did. I want to thank Sasol Mining for providing me with funds to attend the ISLP delegation to China. Thank you Golden Key for informing me about this great program!”

Mario Fasondini,
University of Pretoria, 2009

Being a part of the world’s largest international honour society has its perks. Join Golden Key and be among the presence of the world’s corporate leaders. In South Africa we have partnered with sought-after such as Investec, Sasol, Adams&Adams, Procter&Gamble, McKinsey&Company, Unilever, Nedbank Capital and Public Investment Coorperation to target top talent and through this our members can develop on a professional level.

Our corporate partners understand what makes our members unique and strive to recruit them as a result.

Simply joining Golden Key will allow you access to countless job and internship opportunities. Usually, job searches are long and difficult. With Golden Key, job and internship opportunities are sent to you via e-mail by region so you can research and apply for jobs and internships located near you.

As a Golden Key student today and driven professional tomorrow, don’t miss out on the exciting professional opportunities available with your membership.


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