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Golden Key Academic Recognition

USTEL 2009
University of Stellenbosch Chapter Committee 2008/2009

“Golden Key plays an important role in recognising academic excellence worldwide. I am very pleased that students in South Africa have the opportunity to join this global community of academic achievers.”

Mia Badenhorst – Council of Advisor South Africa Representative

85%. Well, that’s the rest of your university. Because of your drive and academic excellence, you are among the best and brightest of your collegiate institution. Golden Key International Honour Society was formed to recognize individuals that excel in their undergraduate and post-graduate pursuits and we believe your hard work should be acknowledged.

  • Golden Key is the largest international honour society and the only academic honour society in the world. Membership is by invitation only. Once you officially accept your Golden Key invitation, you will be able to participate in a Golden Key new member recognition ceremony held at your campus as mentioned in your invitation letter.
  • The recognition doesn’t stop there. You will also receive a personalized Golden Key life-time membership certificate.

You work hard. Take the time to be recognized.


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